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Jyoti Goel (Zee News)

IIMM taught me everything that I needed to know for the world of media. Our studio classes and practical exposure stood me in good stead in my day to day work in the media industry. I had a dream, to achieve the best knowledge of Media industry, "IIMM" gave me the appropriate platform to help realise my dreams.

Sankalp Srivastav (Ogilvy Mumbai)

It's thanks to IIMM that I got the opportunity to work in one of India's top advertising agencies. My knowledge and learning is well appreciated here. It was our industry oriented training and our strong placement, internship and corporate interface cell that gave me this opportunity.

Raju Raj (IBN7)

I got the job that I aspired for, my dream job - thanks to IIMM! The best of teachers and infrastructure made it easy for me to make it big by getting to work with one of the best brands in the industry. I wish IIMM every success and I hope and pray that my institute goes from strength to strength.

Sharique Nasim(Thomson Reuters)

I came from a small town. A career in the glamorous world of mass media was a dream. IIMM helped me to translate my dreams into reality. The learning and exposure at IIMM prepared me so well for the professional world and I took no time to integrate with my new organization and job responsibilities.

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Electronic Media Institute Delhi

Carees in Electronic Media

Television and radio are the effective info-entertainment mediums of mass communication which provides information plus entertainment to the viewers. Due to electronic media with only a few presses of the TV remote buttons, we can know what is happening in the world. It helps in creating awareness among the people and also helps them to raise their voice. There are many possible careers in electronic media. The careers in front of the television cameras bring fame and popularity but there are many more possible careers in script writing and screenplay, in film and television production, in media management and media research.
Media organizations nowadays are among the most mature organizations in the services or the tertiary sector and hence work as mature corporate entities.  Due to the scope in the media and the interest of the youth, the number of youngsters who take admission in the International Institute of Mass Media which is a best Electronic Media institute Delhi is increasing with time.
In electronic media organizations the rules and processes for background checks and reference checks, submitting accurate educational, professional and medical details when applying for jobs and promotions are as stringent as any other mature corporate organization. The demand for professionals in the support functions and departments like human resources, corporate planning, strategy, marketing and sales, and the bean counters in finance are just like any other industry, entity or organization. Even in these roles and support functions, preference is often given to students who have studied media and management at The International Institute of Mass Media. This is the top-quality Electronic Media institute Delhi, as it provides cutting edge journalism knowledge to its students.


Nowadays, the remuneration in mass communication roles usually ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month as a starting compensation and goes up to Rs. 300,000 or Rs. 5,00,000 or Rs. 10,00,000 per month as one achieves seniority in the profession.
Along with the starting salary in media which is very attractive and lucrative, the prospects of growth and the speed and pace of growth is also the highest among all possible career options that are open to young folks today. What you need to display and possess if you want a slice of this lucrative pie is a keen intelligence, an interest in the world around you – in politics, sports, films, entertainment, business, the economy – both national and global and a keen interest in and knowledge of international issues. All the essential education and knowledge which is necessary for a successful career in the mass media you can get  from  the Electronic Media institute Delhi.
You also need and you will develop at IIMM skills in spoken and written English and Hindi. These linguistic skills, a facility with words and with these two important languages in the Indian mass media and a keen mind and intelligence that observes the world around you and is then able to put your observations and experiences together in the form of a compelling communication piece to be shared with your audience using the tools of mass media will ensure that you get a lion’s share of this lucrative mass media remuneration pie that is up for grabs for talented and committed youngsters who are selected to study with us at The International Institute of Mass Media.

Latest Research

Latest Research as shown that because of the rapid advances in technology and the growing inter connections with the world through the processes of increasing globalization of the world’s economies and cultures, people will have increasingly more leisure time on their hands – they will work fewer days and fewer hours per day and they will make more money, have larger incomes and they will have more and more purchasing power in their hands. They will use this increased leisure time to get more information about the world that the live in, the changing trends in politics, economics, business, travel, music and fashion as well as use this additional leisure time for entertainment. This need for news, information, entertainment and infotainment will be provided by an ever growing and ever expanding mass media which will create more and more jobs in the mass media every year.

Technology will help in expanding the possible platforms of delivering its products to customers. News will be available on the go on smart phones and tablets. Music can be streamed live while a customer is on the go and FM radios can be carried in mobile phones which need not even be smart or in various dongles and MP3 players. All this will create millions of jobs at both the back end, in the content space as well as all through the delivery chain and then addressing the concerns of customers.

Tech enabled or technology enabled media (TEM) and the convergence of various media on similar platforms will throw up many opportunities for students who study at The International Institute of Mass Media. All newspapers and television channels are now also available online as are all magazines, periodicals, books and journals. Therefore, along with getting jobs in the print media and on television channels, students are now also able to get jobs with the websites of these organizations and create content that is cross leveraged on the website as well as in the newspapers, magazines and on the television channels.

Media organizations are now looking for students who have cross functional or convergence skills like being able to file reports for the print medium, upload content online as well as create a follower ship on social media, have the ability and the talent to create photo features even if they work as print journalists. Electronic Media institute Delhi makes its students perfect in all these fields by providing to them the necessary theoretical as well as practical knowledge, so that they can perform well in today's competitive organizations. All television newsreaders and media personalities are also expected to possess knowledge of production tools and techniques so they can work effectively in teams in the media organizations of the future. The cross functional education that students receive and undergo at The International Institute of Mass Media will stand them in good stead while making an entry into, and prospering in and growing in the mass media organizations of the future.

The rate of growth of jobs in mass media will far outstrip any other sector of the economy.

Possible Career Options in Mass Communication

These are the possible career options that open up for you if you do a professional degree in mass communication at the graduation or post graduation level from the International Institute of Mass Media

  1. Hindi News Anchor on Television
  2. English Newsreader on Radio
  3. Hindi Newsreader on Radio
  4. English Radio Jockey
  5. Hindi Radio Jockey
  6. English Radio Announcer
  7. Hindi Radio Announcer
  8. English Television Presenter
  9. Hindi Television Presenter
  10. Bilingual Television Presenter
  11. Scriptwriter
  12. Film Producer
  13. Film Director
  14. Assistant Director
  15. Research Professional
  16. Sound Recordist
  17. Sound Engineer
  18. Camera person
  19. Photographer
  20. English Television Reporter
  21. Hindi Television Reporter
  22. English Correspondent
  23. Hindi Correspondent
  24. English Sub Editor
  25. Hindi Sub Editor
  26. Film Director
  27. Assistant Director
  28. Public Relations Executive
  29. Advertising Agency Professional
  30. Media Consultant
  31. Brand Consultant
  32. Image Consultant
  33. Content Writer
  34. English Voice Over Artist
  35. Hindi Voice Over Artist
  36. Art Director
  37. Creative Director
  38. Copywriter
  39. English Video Jockey
  40. Hindi Video Jockey
  41. Fashion Photographer
  42. Lifestyle Photographer
  43. Publishing Industry Professional
  44. Web Journalist
  45. Film maker
  46. Special Correspondent
  47. Assistant Editor
  48. Editor
  49. Managing Editor
  50. Group Editor
  51. Production Head
  52. Editor in Chief
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