“Kalamanthan” is the cultural society of IIMM. It organises an annual festival to integrate the craft, skills, knowledge and creativity of the students. Our institute is in the domain of arts, media and communication so we encourage our students to combine their professional skills with art education and contemporary culture and tradition.

Theatre Club

A team of energetic young artists eager to pour out their hearts before you through a variety of characters is what the Theatre Club is comprised of. The unit works beautifully to narrate mesmerizing stories to the audience through their plays.

Dance Club

Consummate is the right word which describes the members of the dance club, an aspect which is truly reflected in their performances which range from contemporary to hip- hop dance styles.

Film making Club

A unit of perhaps the future Satyajit Ray’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s, the film making club propagates the idea of cinema as a fine art, including all its aspects such as direction, script

Debate Club

The spoken word is the sacrosanct symbol in this club. This unit provides a platform for intelligent discussion where each opinion is subject to equally valid rebuttals

Music Club

A choir of dedicated young folks who know how to strike the right chords and hit the right notes is what makes the Music Club of Kalamanthan Society. This section of the Society prides itself on creating some heart-warming harmonies that one simply can’t resist.

Photography Club

For the shutterbugs, of the shutterbugs, by the shutterbugs, the Photography Club exhibits the raw talent of capturing a moment through the lens. Here every tiny detail in the frame matters so that beholders are subjected to nothing but pure ecstasy in a single snapshot.

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