Syllabus for Written Examination

The entrance exam aims at assessing the overall knowledge of the student and their aptitude. The entrance examination has questions on general awareness, awareness of international and national events, analytical and comprehension skills, and topics under public debate.

Students can refer to the following for preparing for the Entrance Examination:
Bachelors, Masters and Advertising & Public Relations

Students can take the entrance exam in English or Hindi.


  1. 1. Current affairs and general knowledge.
  2. 2. Important personalities and awards, films and entertainment, and sports.
  3. 3. Indian government and politics
  4. 4. Environmental science
  5. 5. Quantitative aptitude including problems on age, average, etc.
  6. 6. Data interpretation and logical reasoning


This section includes questions to check the candidate’s attitude and approach to issues related to current affairs, her/his interest in the fields of journalism and mass communication and their analytical skills. Students are expected to express their personal opinions on the topics asked. For attempting this section, students can read editorials and opinion columns in newspapers and magazines.